Curvy Girl’s Guide: How plus-size babes can rock swim wear and feel great

If you’ve got curves, then chances are that the only thing more painful than shopping for jeans, is shopping for swimsuits. Fear not, this curvy girl guide will show how plus-size babes can rock swim wear and feel great.

A few short years ago, women who fell on the higher side of the size chart were given drab swimwear choices that lacked the chic, stylish qualities they deserved.

However, a recent body-positive revolution has changed all of that. Curvy icons like Ashley Graham have helped spearhead said fashion movement and now curvy girls are feeling more confident  than ever.

These women have proven that being brave isn’t just about being proud of the way you look but also standing up to the stereotypes that have robbed plus size women of body confidence for years.

Where curvy women were once left with inadequate, ill-fitting suits that tried to cover up ‘problem areas’ instead of flattering them, new swimwear lines that stock a range of styles and sizes have left them feeling confident, sexy and stylish. Here’s how you can find the perfect swimwear for you.

Bigger girls tend to have larger assets so support is a big deal when it comes to choosing the perfect swimsuit. One option to look for is molded cups which is basically like wearing a bra so it’s great for support. The downside to these is that they often show off a bit too much for most women’s comfort level.

A great alternative which is not as revealing is a molded bandeau top. These are super flattering, have a decent amount of support and tend to be easier to fit big bosoms into. Be sure to go one size up because some bandeau tops run pretty small.

If you want to give the illusion of a waist whilst hiding problem areas, a great way to hide that belly is with ruching and patterns.

Ruching is when the fabric is all gathered together, thereby hiding any imperfections. Futhermore, the busier the pattern on the fabric, the better for visually smoothing lumps and bumps.

Bottom Half
There are significantly fewer options when it comes to flattering hips, thighs and bottom in a swimsuit, simply because there’s less fabric down there. When your hips or thighs are the widest part of your body, the last thing you want is a horizontal line running right across it so boy shorts are not the best option for curvy babes.

A higher cut leg is infinitely more flattering and has the added plus of making your legs longer.

See girls, swimsuits don’t have to be terrifying. Once you find the best suit for your body then you’re good to go. Let’s show everyone that having fun is more important than constantly worrying about our insecurities. Own your body!

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